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Lining a hat

I recently finished the Turn a Square hat for my nephew in Colorado, Severin


I used Cascade 220 left over from the Cobblestone (see a Jared Flood trend here?) I made for Ira, and some handspun thick and thin with oranges, blues and browns that I bought in Alaska quite a few years ago. 


I sometimes worry about giving handknit wool gifts to people who might love them but not wear them due to the itch factor.  So I decided to line the hat, making  it more comfortable and adding a bonus layer of insulation.  I started with an old cotton and spandex shirt  – very soft – just didn’t fit me well.  I found a great tutorial for lining knitted hats,  pinned the hat to the shirt, cutting around it through two layers with about an inch extra all around.  Then I sewed the two pieces together on the sewing machine and tested the fit in the hat.  It was perfect other than the bottom hanging out a little too far, so I trimmed the edges off.  I pinned the lining and the hat together while it was on my head since my head was the only one around – with no major accidents.


Then I hand stitched only around the rim using blindstitch and it turned out wonderfully!  I’m going to do this for the next hat I make myself.

On another note, I’ve noticed that if I leave my knitting on the bed after taking pictures, it always has company when I come back



Roni loves to cuddle with all my shoes, any purse and of course, wool.


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