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I finally did it..I started a knitting blog….Knitrition! 

With all the great knitting blogs I read, I was feeling a little left out and decided it’s time to jump in.

My name is Elise and I live in New Jersey with a husband and a cat named Roni.  I’ve knitted on and off for over ten years and started designing my own patterns in the last two years.  I’ve tried a lot of new techniques in the past few years, like lace and fair aisle, and I want to learn everything I can about knitting.

I learned to knit in my twenties from a friend of my sister.  Her family raised sheep for wool and she was looking for a willing victim to teach.  Of course I was like a kid in a candy shop, immediately tracking down the LYS and buying enough wool for a button-down cardigan, a hat and a scarf, along with numerous bamboo needles and accessories.  

My first project – the scarf – ended up being knit with each stitch twisted.  But it looked great and I must have given it to someone as I have no idea where it is now.  The second project was a Garter Stitch hat that was beautiful.  The pattern came from the LYS and I’ve searched to find it with no luck (although now I think I could improvise a pattern that simple).  It was a gift to my sister, who is now living in Alaska, and her 8 year old daughter wears it often.  The sweater, thank goodness, was never made.  Looking at the pattern now, it wasn’t something that I would have worn for long – changing styles I guess.  I still have the yarn, a charcoal grey alpaca in a sport weight.

So I didn’t do much knitting after this – a little here and there – until friends started having babies.  I was knitting simple garter stitch baby blankets, and then moved on to a more complicated pattern.  At the time I was watching Vickie Howell on Knitty Gritty and the bug had bitten again.

It wasn’t until I found a knitting group close to me that I finally had knitter friends!  They are the Northwest NJ Knitters, where I’ve met so many wonderful people.  I was inspired by Barbara Walker and Elizabeth Zimmerman to design a few of my own patterns because it never seemed the sweaters I knit fit me perfectly.  I love knitting in the round and avoid joining seams whenever possible.  Knitting sweaters from the top down allows me to try on and adjust fit as I go and I can make the sweater as long as I want.

This is my most recent design, Not So Vanilla Socksimg_0568

Vanilla Socks

Not So Vanilla Socks

They are toe up, lacey socks with tiny cables on the sides.  The yarn is Tofutsies which is soft and wonderful. 

Because I didn’t write down the pattern as I made them, I’m knitting these again to make sure the pattern is written correctly.  As soon as I’m done with that I’ll publish it for anyone who’s interested.

I’m so happy to join the blogging community and hope to be meeting many wonderful people along the way! 



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